Our Mission
Founded in 1993, our mission is to develop leaders and human systems that counter oppression through diversity, inclusion and organizational effectiveness.
At JONES, we combine the best of organizational psychology with the best of diversity and inclusion to create work environments and leaders that bring the best out of all people.
Our Values
Our core values are the foundation for our company. They guide the way we work with our clients, within our team, and in our community. The JONES commitment to these values builds stronger company culture and influences our daily work.

Customer Enthusiasm

We want our clients to be excited about the level of service and quality of products received from JONES. Our goal is to have our clients be enthusiastic and passionate about the services they receive from us.

Service to Society

We believe we have a responsibility to society to contribute to the dismantling of human oppression. We intend to be socially and environmentally responsible and responsive.

Employee Empowerment

We are certain the future of businesses rests squarely on the knowledge, creativity, skills, teamwork, integrity and performance of all employees. Therefore, we are committed to hearing and integrating the voices of all company employees, while making a long-term commitment to employee development.

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

Communication and knowledge are at the heart of JONES. We value efficient and effective communication with our internal and external clients. We also believe in the power of knowledge and the use of knowledge to ensure company longevity.

Respect for Self and Others

We regard self-respect and respect for others as a basic element to building any healthy relationship. Therefore, all stakeholders will be treated with dignity and respect in all situations.

High Quality Products and Services

We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and excellence. We will match these standards in our products, services, relationships and communications.

Unity Through Diversity

We believe in the power and oneness of the human spirit, as well as our ability to connect through our differences. We value diversity as a personal, human and organizational advantage. We are committed to a culture of inclusion where everyone can strive to attain his or her highest potential.


We believe in human ingenuity and going beyond boundaries and limits. JONES is a learning organization, which continually looks ahead to provide products and services that gain wisdom from the past to improve the present, and prepares to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

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