JONES 5 Lines of Service

At JONES, we lead with listening. In partnership, we work to understand your goals and the outcomes that represent success in your organization. Together, we identify themes, find root causes, and build strategic processes that drive organizational success.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: 101, 201, & Beyond

At JONES we meet your organization right where you are, partnering to build the knowledge and skills you need to lead inclusively across all dimensions of difference. Let’s start a conversation about: 

• Customized Diversity and Inclusion Training

• Unconscious Bias Training

• Leading Across 5 Generations

Developing Inclusive Leaders to Transform Organizations

We support leaders in creating environments of trust where people can work at their best. Together, we’ll infuse your leaders with the inclusive skills needed to transform good teams into great team. How can we help you with:

• Executive Coaching

• 360° Feedback Assessment

• Emotional Intelligence in a Global Environment

Build Higher Performing Teams Through Psychological Safety

How can you foster the cooperative environments needed to support complex problem solving and innovation on your team? Learn how psychological safety can create a space for diversity of thought to flourish. Let’s start a conversation about:

• Building Higher Performing Inclusive Executive Teams

• Increasing Employee Engagement Through Inclusion

• Best Practices for Global Team Development

Manage Change at the SPEED of LEADERSHIP

At JONES we support the operational side and leadership side of change management. As you work against the ever-shifting landscapes change, partner with us to bring new visions to life for your organization. Let us help you with:

• Creating a High-Trust Feedback-Rich Culture

• Achieving Growth Through Innovation & Inclusion

• Inclusive Culture Change Process

Develop High Performing People & Project Leaders

Whether an individual contributor or a leader of large teams, at JONES we know that every person has untapped potential that can unlock a more meaningful, productive, and engaged career. Let’s build a development framework that sparks this in all your people. Come talk to us about:

• Coaching for Improved Performance Training

• Managing Performance Across Time Zones, Cultures, & Countries

• Minimizing the Impact of Unconscious Bias in the Performance Review Process

Let’s Talk

Help us learn more about your organization’s mission and how we can become a thought partner on your journey. Where do you want to start the conversation?

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