Impact of Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion focuses on creating an equitable workplace where differences are embraced and valued as a tool for innovation; where respect is the foundation for providing every employee with the opportunity to contribute their skills and talents so they can achieve their highest level of learning and success. Inclusive Leaders know everyone will perform better when they feel valued, respected, and have a sense of belonging.

We Speak Your Language

At JONES, we lead with listening…We co-create customized skill-based solutions with our clients to achieve excellence through inclusion.


Companies are challenged to deliver innovative products at a time when a commitment to inclusion has never been more important. Learn how to apply leading edge strategies to leadership development, diversity, equity, inclusion, and organizational psychology through our unique JONES approach developed over 30 years of working with large and small corporations.


Educators and administrators are charged with preparing students for their future not our past. Private and public K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are challenged to practice equity-minded inclusive leadership as they develop students for the global reality. JONES partners with school leaders to create campus communities that achieve these goals through a demonstrated commitment to achieving academic excellence through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Non Profit & Government

Serving and understanding diverse communities is critical to most non-profits, municipalities, and government agencies. Cultivating the cultural competency and inclusive leadership skills of Non-Profit and Government Leaders is mission critical in the 21st Century and beyond. JONES utilizes a deep understanding of achieving higher performance across multiple industries to customize a strategy to support you taking your leaders, teams, and organization to new levels of excellence!

Innovative Growth Strategies

Attend one of our Inclusive Leadership programs and seminars at the amazing JONES Coaching & Retreat Center in beautiful Southern California or bring our dynamic JONES Consultants to your corporation, campus, or community.

The JONES School of Inclusive Leadership

Experience world-class leadership training, executive coaching and high-performance team development in an inspiring setting in America’s Finest City, San Diego, Ca. Join leaders and educators from around the world in developing the equity-minded inclusive leadership skills to lead efficiently and effectively across differences in cultures, countries, and time zones. Learn more >

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On-Site Custom Solutions

Our exceptional JONES Client Managers will be happy to bring JONES to you! We aim to become a trusted partner that combines your deep knowledge and understanding of your organization with our passion and expertise for developing higher performing inclusive leaders, teams, schools, corporations, and organizations.

The JONES Impact

We, at JONES, exist to increase leaders’ skills and organizations’ ability to achieve success through the creation of inclusive environments that uplift humanity.

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